Wednesday, March 15, 2017



Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Journey Begin

SOOOOOOOOO.... FINALY!!!! 4 years course had ended marking the end of studying life and the beginning of my unemployment life.. hahaha.. Anyone wanna gather before our miserable working life start? SHOUT OUT TO ALL THE 4 YEARS COURSE (maybe 3 too?) jom jom kita pergi enjoy!!! =D


P.S. 1st of July is my viva and im currently sewing my thickest bullet proof vest

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Trials of men #3

She sat there. Legs crossed, keeping her head down, trying as hard as she can to keep her face hidden. She was crying, hard. And somehow even when no one was there, she felt as if a thousand eyes were upon here. Staring and judging. And she found solace with the action.

"How can you say such things? I'm nothing like what you say I am. Sometimes I feel you don't know me. Even though we've been together for so long." He grimaced, he knew it was too much. He knew he couldn't take it back. He knew what he said, crossed the line. " I.. I'm sorry", he tried. "Don't! Don't say it and say you don't to mean it, at least have the courtesy to tell me what you feel. To tell the truth! ", she cut him off.

It was these little arguments that they had. Things they tolerated about each other. Things they thought they wouldn't mind. Things that really were trivial. But it all adds up. The longer you stay with a person, the more intolerable it became. And that's the tragic truth. They had enough of each other. And each second they were together, felt wrong and senseless.

She picked the photo frame up. Pieces of shattered glass still cling stubbornly on the frame like old memories unwilling to fade. They looked so happy, she thought. And she wondered when it all changed. And she smiled, her mind lurking through happier times as another tear rolled down her cheek...

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Nestle Safety Day

So last tuesday was Nestle Safety Day (i didnt know that until i was at the factory =.="), so there were 6 check points with different task. 1 of the check point was to answer the short term and long term of smoking and its effect towards environment.. so we get the answer bla bla bla.. then we got an option to check our artery for FREE.. according to the ppl there it cost RM 250 if do outside and that day was free.. AND MY DAY STARTED TO TURN MISERABLE!!!

so i went to the doctor he apply some liquid and ask my to put my finger on the (something) scope.. he adjust adjust and pop, i can c my blood flow which that scope thing connected to the computer.. AND FOR GOD SAKE IM ONLY 23 AND MY BLOOD FLOW IS NOT FLUENT!!!! FML!!! according to the doctor my blood flow is 65% good.. =.=" (that wasn't comforting at all) *DAMN* *EMO-ING*

Im so gonna start to drink a lot of water and eat lesser oily food from now on.. Cant believe my body is really so dam unhealthy.. but thank god he said that the blood flow to my heart is good.. HAHAHHA!!! piece of advice folks out there, try to go for body check up once a year.. it might cost few hundred but its worth it.. =)

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Strangers again

Never really knew how to deal with post relationships. There is no one particular rule that one can follow nor is there anything set in stone.

More often than not, one just tries to ignore that former significant other. And the feeling's strange. Like how can two be so close a moment, and next act like the other doesn't matter anymore. It doesn't feel right and probably shouldn't be that way. But that's what most people go through. There is sadness in it and real pain that just gets covered up with the sands of time and the feeling forgotten.

Maybe that's why we choose to be alone sometimes. Because the risk isn't worth it when we spend so much time and feelings to make that person the center of our lives just to fall out of love one day and be strangers again...

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Things that we wouldnt know

Few years back before I enter UNI, i was so ambitious to work in Nestle Company. It is 1 of the leading food manufacturing company in the world and now few years later... I manage to do my internship in Nestle but what you see on the outside is not the same on the inside...

Hahahaha.. after working in Nestle, all those shit thing start to show up.. Apparently the company care about the non management employee more than management employee.. For management employee the working time is from 8am to 4.45pm that is what had been statement when they sign the agreement..

But.. hahaha.. there is always a but everytime.. From my 1 and half month experience, i had never seen anyone of them go back home before 7pm.. Usually my colleague go back around 8 something or 9 something.. when there are too much work sometimes even tunil 11 something and not only that go back also must work IMAGINE THAT!!! lol..

You wouldnt believe it rite.. Such a huge company but yet the worker work like dog.. hahaha.. OH i forget and not all the department can claim OT eventhough u work like dog ur BLOODY pay is still the same.. LIFE ISNT FAIR RITE..

That all from me now.. THE NESTLE INSIDER.. hahahaha..

Eh WL lu emo apa emo la.. ku tak cari kamu bukan lupa kamu.. ku cuma tak nak ingat muka bodoh kau.. hahahaha.. :P aiya everyone is busy with their life la bro now eat also not much time wer got FUCKING TIME TO TALK SUM SI summor... Next time i allocate sometime for u la ok.. BUT for DOTA only.. hahahahaha

Friday, April 19, 2013

Perfect Company

Lately I have been thinking about the people around me. Be it friends, family, acquaintance or just strangers. I realized that I do not have someone who I can really talk to. I mean I do have people around me that care (or so I think) about my life but there isn't one that is truly interested with my life. Be it the mundane stuff, or things that I hold dear like my life views, the interest I have towards animals or things that I could not tell anyone because it doesn't feel right, like how I dislike certain things but don't know who or where to vent it out.

Sometimes I feel awfully alone (not emo) because even after so many people I've meet, I still can't find that someone who I can just be around with the whole day and still have something to talk about.

I think this life mission of finding that person is hard. And it doesn't help that I've begun to shut myself out from new people I met or old ones. I sometimes just feel that there isn't any reason to begin caring about someone else when it doesn't reciprocate. And it's frustrating when I'm just another person or a random stranger to them. I want to start caring for another and know that he/she is caring for me too. And that everything that I do, I'll think of them. And so will they. Be it a new restaurant, some new place they've been to or a new website they stumbled upon.

But alas, its never easy. Still, I won't give up looking for that perfect company...